Im so glad you're here!  

I created this website and its extensions to spread positivity, and I hope that you enjoy some of the content that is associated with it. :)

AllPositiveThinking.com is a non-profit dedicated to spreading happiness and helping support research in mental health!

My name is Austin Fishel, and I am a 21 year old junior at North Carolina State University.  I am majoring in Psychology, and hope to continue into graduate school to pursue a Ph.D!  Working with other people and trying to spread happiness has always been a goal of mine.  I was fortunate enough to have great people in my life that helped me through my hardest times, and I want to give that back in any way I can!

Some fun facts about myself...

  • I play drums for the NC State basketball teams, and the drumline!
  • I competed with the George Mason University Indoor Drumline in 2014 which is one of ~30 World Class indoor groups in the country.
  • I have a dog named Summer!  She is a Golden Doodle :)


My goal for this website is to create regular posts that encourage positivity, and create a happy atmosphere.  I plan to do this by creating text blog posts, as well as video blogs. 

Eventually I would like to create clothing that spreads a positive message and joy.  I would love to be able to do this and give a percentage of the money to mental health research.  

My plans are very ambitious, but I will try my best! :)