Learning Experiences

I hope you are all having a great week!

I think that one of the most influential factors on our attitude in the present is how we reflect on the past.  We hear the phrase "live and learn", but I think we can expand on that and benefit from evaluation of previous behavior.  

When we look into past we need to keep a few things in mind.  

  1. We might not remember the full situation and change some details.  The memory is subject to human error.
  2. Your circumstances may have changed.  Its common to look back and wonder why you ever performed some action, dressed a particular way, etc.  Think about how your lifestyle was during that time period and evaluate the situation.
  3. You can't change the past, but you can learn from it and use those lessons to impact the future.  

Looking at past experiences and knowing you could or should have done something differently can definitely have a strong impact on our mental state.  Regret is an extremely powerful feeling, however, it is possible to turn these negative feelings into a positive outlook to towards the future.  It is not unlikely that past experiences will repeat themselves in some way or another, and when you encounter a situation that is similar to something that happened in the past you will be much more prepared to deal with it!  Your own past experiences can be one of the best references for handling the future.

If you have memories that you aren't happy about, do not dwell on what happened, but use them as tools to deal with the times to come.  Don't try to fight the past.  Learn, move on, and be positive towards the future!

Have an amazing day! :)