The Circle of Happiness

Happy Sunday! :)

Last week I was in a discussion group with a guest therapist from the NC State counseling center, and he talked about how being in his position of helping was a type of therapy for him as an individual.  This had me really thinking about the amazing benefits that spreading positivity and happiness can bring to everybody involved.

When working with somebody else who needs help you are seeing them in a very vulnerable state.  Some are more open to receiving assistance than others, but when working with individuals who feel helpless, I think it is a wonderful idea to try and be the person that you would want helping you.  Not only does this aid the person who needs help feel better, but it can also benefit the person spreading happiness!  Being a positive influence on a somebody's life is definitely a reason to feel joyful.  Contributing to the world in a supportive way increases the chances that these good feelings will be paid forward and spread around.  

I also believe that working with others can really benefit ourselves when we have times when we aren't feeling the best.  Having experiences with people who need help can give us important tools that we can use when we need extra motivation to pick ourselves up if we feel down.  I like to think that positive behavior comes back around, so if you see somebody in a vulnerable place I definitely encourage attempting to put yourself in their position, and help them find happiness! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!