I hope everybody had a great thanksgiving break!

Today I wanted to write about a very important skill that we can all improve on.  Listening and being an active listener to the people in our life can help us develop the ability to help others when they may be struggling.  

The type of listening that I want to encourage involves being extremely attentive towards the situation being portrayed.  Simply allowing a friend to speak about a problem will be a large step in the right direction, as turning thoughts into words can change their perspective on a dilemma. I believe, however, that going further and genuinely trying to be empathetic can play a huge role in working with somebody who is feeling down.  

Loneliness can produce a depressed feeling, and attempting to make the thoughts that people are struggling with seem less unusual can definitely help spread positivity. 

Some things to try...

  1. Always check to see if people are okay.  Sometimes simply knowing that others care about your well-being can create happiness, and possibly encourage finding more help if they need it.
  2. Respond to what is being said.  Body language and speaking compasionately can really help decrease an individuals feeling of solitude, and boost their confidence to share their feelings.
  3. Be the friend that you would want.  Treating others the way that you want to be treated is always an extremely applicable phrase, so do your best to help others when they need it.

Have a great rest of the week :)

Much love!