Positive Influence

Hey everybody!  

I Hope that you are all doing wonderful, and enjoying the holidays. :)

With 2015 coming to a close I wanted to conclude the year with a post about my main goal for 2016!  I have a lot of plans for the upcoming year in regards to this website, school, hobbies, etc, but the main thing that I want to improve on from a positivity standpoint is evaluating how I am affecting the people that I come into contact with.  I want to put myself in other people's shoes and think about if I am having a positive impact on their life.

We often gauge our influence on others by the reactions that we get while we are actively with them, or speaking to them.  I believe that it is also important to realistically think about how we shape others when we are away from them.  How are we impacting the emotions or attitude of those that are in our life, and is that impact favorable and encouraging?  It can be easy to overlook the small gestures that help the people in our lives, but the simple things such as checking in and letting somebody know that you care can be a huge assistance.  

Look at your behavior through a mirror, and try to view it from the other side.  One of my biggest life goals is to treat others the way that I would like to be treated, and while I feel like I try to act upon that idea, I can always do better and strive to have a more positive influence on others.  I am a strong believer that we should tell people how we feel about them and say what we have to say while we have the opportunity, because you never really know how long you will have with the people in your life!

I started this program in September and honestly can't believe how many visits this website gets, and concluding the year sending in a 300$ check to support mental health research was truly an amazing accomplishment.  Thank you all so much for the support, I really appreciate it!

I am incredibly excited for what is to come in 2016, and I hope you all have a wonderful ending to 2015! :)

Much Love!