Hey everyone!

So today I wanted to talk about my best friend, Summer! 

If you know me then you've definitely heard me talk about my dog.  She is a 4 year old golden doodle, and besides being incredibly cute, she has also helped me maintain a positive attitude!  I was in high school when we first got Summer, and during my senior year I had a little bit of trouble with depression and anxiety.  We were still crate training her at this time, but during the night time if I ever had trouble going to sleep I would go lay down next to Summer's crate and it really helped having a friend to be with!  Whenever I would come home from school even if I was having a rough day my dog was always excited to see me, and the happiness that I saw in my dog made me more optimistic.  

I'm not really sure if dogs know how much they help humans, but the amount of joy and stress-relief that they provide to those around them makes me very appreciate that I've been able to have Summer the past 4 years, and years to come.

The takeaway from this is that I believe its very important to really appreciate the things that bring us comfort and happiness, because always having something to fallback on makes the tough times easier!  Even if you are really struggling, try to find the thing that makes you smile and hold on to that.  In my case, thats my best buddy Summer! 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)