Hey everybody!  

Over the Summer I stayed very busy as an Orientation Leader for NC State and am currently applying to graduate school to pursue my Ph.D!  While things have been hectic I am hopeful that I am getting my schedule sorted out to the point where I can post more frequently again! :)

So I'm currently taking a course titled "Positive Psychology" that discusses research regarding positivity and how we can better equip ourselves with tools to create a better subjective well-being.  One of the most interesting topics of discussion is "flow", and its role in our daily lives.

Flow - The pleasurable experience resulting from engagement in an interesting activity that properly matches or challenges a person's skills and abilities.  (Csikszentmihalyi, 1990)

This is the zone.  The point where everything around you goes away and you are hyper-attentive to the situation you are pursuing.  While most of us have had this experience and know what can create these feelings, there is certainly an element of preparation we can do to maximize what activities we occupy our time with.  

We were shown this interesting chart which outlines some different feeling's criteria.  If you're skill level is significantly higher than the challenge level then you may create boredom.  Inversely, if the challenge level trumps the skill level by a significant margin the result may be anxiety.  Finding the balance while pushing ourselves to take on challenges as we develop creates that feeling of flow, and while it may be hard to anticipate the exact moments where we find ourselves in this zone - we can certainly set the circumstances up in such a way that encourages these experiences.  

I honestly cannot thank you all enough for sticking with the website.  Seeing people wearing APT T-shirts and spreading good feelings makes me so happy!  I am aiming to put out a new fundraiser in the next couple of weeks that will hopefully contribute more money to research, and I will certainly keep updates rolling!

Enjoy your week and Ill talk to you all soon! :)

Much Love <3,